Chaney Would Have Knocked Out Calipari

Temple basketball coach John Chaney smiles during a news conference, where he announced his retirement, Monday, March 13, 2006, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek)

After watching the ESPN 30 for 30, One and Not done, all I could focus on, as Temple Alumni, was the exchange between Calipari and Chaney back in 1994.

Calipari was a weasel, he has been his entire career. Chaney was pissed off at the way Calipari had been riding officials. John Chaney was a man who respected the game of basketball and John Calipari is a man who will cheat and do whatever it takes to get his name in the spotlight. Could you just imagine on that night, 2/13/1994, if there was no security or people in the way when Chaney started towards Calipari? Chaney would of knocked him out in two punches and I don’t know if too this day Calipari ever would of recovered. I can just picture the image of Calipari sitting on the ground with a bag of ice to his eyes with his people all around him after he just got his ass kicked. Calipari has always felt he was on top of a pedestal and was untouchable. Chaney would of knocked him back to earth real quick and maybe it would of changed Calipari’s entire career.

John Chaney is a Hall of Famer will always be a Temple/Philadelphia Basketball Legend. We will always love you, we just wish you would of got the opportunity to kick the shit out of Calipari.