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I’m sitting here minding my own business, drinking my La-Croix Cran-Raspberry seltzer (Free Plug La Croix if you want to sponsor the Fade On Site posts, next one’s gonna cost ya), when across the bow, out of nowhere Darth Fader comes with his picks for Saturday. I knew he couldn’t stay away. Like the girl you tell yourself you’re not going home with this weekend and inevitably do. Fader can’t quit The Wooderboys. He’s a mental midget.

Ladies (the few who read our site), gentlemen. Lets make some god damn money today that we can spend at the bar by fading the Mush Lord’s picks. Fader’s texted me twice in the last hour so he’s feeling himself. He says his picks didn’t go through yesterday and was bragging about his 1-1 day. Savage.

Funny side note: Darth is down in Florida this weekend, he hasn’t seen his dad in months. The first words out of his mouth were greeting his son as “Darth Fader”. It’s a movement people.

Without further ado:

Reds -107

Cardinals -105

Phillies +136

White Sox +116

Tigers +150

Fader All-Time: 0-3