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Introducing a new character on The WooderBoys that we hope you will come to love. He’s a buddy of ours, and to keep whatever pride he has left that he already didn’t expel into a weekend night at McGillins, we’ll keep his name private and call him Darth Fader.

Now Fader is that buddy you have that will gamble on anything. Pro Football and College Basketball is what tickles his fancy. He’s your friend that bets the under of last Saturday’s Phillies/Nationals tilt or has the New York Knicks +12.5 against the Grizzlies the same day. A cloud of gambling bad luck just follows him.

A little backstory, during my short lived career as a bookie, on a casual Sunday, I found myself bombarded with texts of Fader placing bets on meaningless NBA 1H, 2H, and full game spreads in the middle of February. He wound up going 1 for 15 and found himself in the hole $150 in the matter of two hours. This is the type of man we are dealing with. A special case. Our Rain Man, if Rain Man had a terrible gambling addiction and loved sliding in Instagram DM’s.

We will periodically post his picks and update you on his record. It’s important you fade this man on sight. Without further ado Darth Fader’s picks:

Tampa Bay Rays: +129

Boston Red Sox: -127

Minnesota Twins: +135


P.S. You can follow our account @Wooderboys where you’ll find “Poby’s Picks” posted everyday. Today’s picks on a $5 parlay would net you $13K+.



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  1. I think Vader will be a great addition to the wooderboys club. Looking forward to hearing more from him. He will be better than that Shank guy. I also bet Vader had some great coaches.

  2. Before you send it I know you call him Fader. I like Vader as his name.

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