Hey Reddit: You come at The WooderBoys you best not miss

Reddit took down our post ‘President Promised a Pardon to a Boxing Champion, who was Convicted of Rape’ because personal blogs are not permitted on the Reddit Politics BLOG page. How the hell can you take down a post that FOCUSES on our president of the United States promising a pardon to a famous boxer convicted of RAPE on a political BLOG SITE! Yes it did have a little talk about the fat fuck Chris Christie and how he should never be allowed to speak or wear a red sweater in public again. But that was just our vendetta against the Giants/Cowboys fan that called us Eagles fans “angry, awful people.” The focus was on President Trump promising a pardon, which he physically can not do as the president because the trial was not tried in a Federal court, to a rape convicted felon just because they are ‘friends.’ Reddit trying to be all high and mighty deciding which blogs are allowed to be posted on their website… Give me a fucking break. There has been a story on their site right now for over 14 hours focusing on how many times Donald Trump has been to the golf course as president (which is up to 19 according to that post). How is a post about how many times a president golfs allowed on their website but a post that calls out the president for pardoning a friend not allowed? Reddit you have not heard the last from the Wooderboys, we do not even focus on politics but it’s pathetic you rather people read about how many times Trump goes golfing instead of real news! Fake news Reddit, Fake News is all you care about. This means WAR!