I Don’t Even Know What to Say About Marcus Smith Anymore

I’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to think of a good headline for this Marcus Smith article, but I just can’t. I’m done with him. He hasn’t shown up for OTA’s, and yesterday Les Bowen reported that Marcus’ agent hasn’t answered Les’ emails, and Marcus Smith changed his cell phone number (at least that’s what I got out of this). I wonder if anyone has even been trying to contact him.

Les reported today that the agent responded to his email with just one word: voluntary. It’s clear that Marcus Smith wants to be released by the Eagles, and they are most likely going to do it. He hasn’t lived up to his 1st-round status. He wasn’t the worst player in the world last year with 2.5 sacks, but he sure isn’t a staple in a really good defense. With better additions at defensive end this year, there’s not really any room for Smith.

In my mind Smith is the biggest head scratcher from the Chip Kelly era. If we want to move on from it, we need to get rid of the pick that left everyone going, “what?” like the dude in the Wedding Singer when George starts to play “Do Your Really Want to Hurt Me?” twice in a row.

Cut this man, save almost 600K, and let’s continue to move on from the Chip Kelly era.