Is Trey Lowe Ready To Be Byke?

It came out on Monday that Obi Enechionyia will be byke for his senior season with Temple. Although Obi has not developed like some have wished, he is still a good player and an elite shooter. His return is good news for the Owls.

Just one day prior to Obi’s announcement, Trey Lowe posted some videos of himself dunking both in practice and in games for Temple in 2015-16.


In Due time….. 🙏🏽

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It’s clear that all of these practice dunk took place at different times and various locations, but it is unclear when each of these took place. Could the ones at Temple’s practice facility be recent? Considering the caption is ” In Due time….. 🙏🏽,” most likely not. It seems like Trey is still working his way bike to what he once was.

At the tail end of his Freshman Season, Lowe was involved in a single car accident when he fell asleep at the wheel after a trip to Rutgers, and the rumors have been that the injuries he incurred severely affected his motor functions in his left arm.

Hopefully Lowe’s Instagram post is a sign that he is getting closer to being able to play basketball. It can’t be understated how important he was to that 2015-16 team that won the regular season AAC Title. Lowe was a spark and a key contributor on a veteran team – very similar to what Josh Hart was as a freshman for Villanova. Lowe showed a ton of potential, and here’s to hoping he can get byke out on the court soon because the Owls have a chance to be a good team this year. Thanks for reminding us what you’re capable of, Trey.