Poby Strikes Back: Bob Pagan is a Thin-Skinned, Protective Father That Needs to Let His Son Out from Under His Wing

You mess with the bull, you get the horns, Bob.

To announce my start with the WooderBoys, I wrote an article about how the initial founder of the blog, Kyle Pagan, can often be unintelligent and quirky in some aspects of his life. It was a fun article that poked fun at Pagan. He found it humorous and claims his girlfriend found it hysterical. Pagan is actually good at some things too, which were not mentioned in the article. Reaching the top shelf in the liquor store. Rescuing cats from trees. Slapping hoe’s asses from far away. The article was all in good fun.

Not for Bob Pagan. The thin-skinned, overly sensitive father clearly took offense to the satirical article that took jabs at his 24-year old son’s IQ and stature. Ever since that article, Bob has been taking swings at me in the comment section on our Facebook page. It’s time to move on and let Kyle out from your protection, Bob. He can defend himself if he wants to.

I know I shouldn’t be complaining about our lead follower when we only have 33 followers on Twitter, but this comment was too much to ignore.

“This guy was in the draft room for the first round, and all he has to talk about is Temple player being drafted. I really hope he does great. Great story. One that could have been written two days before the draft.”

Not even close to true there, Bob. Yes, I did write an article about the cool experience of Haason Reddick being drafted on Thursday night. I’m glad you hope he does great, I really am. And you’re right – it is a great story! However, it could not have been written two days prior. How can I write about the experience of hearing Haason Reddick’s name be announced when he was drafted if it had not happened yet, Bob? Did you want me to make it up two days before it happened, Bob? Please, let me know.


“I hope to here more about what was going on in that room.”

I get it. I was lucky enough to be in the Draft Room and you want to hear more about it. I really get it. So maybe you should have read my write up about the experience which you can find right here ->> LINK. Or maybe you already did, and this 1,113 word recap wasn’t enough for you? Please, tell me what you would like to hear about, Bob. I also only briefly mention the atmosphere of Haason being selected once before discussing the build up to the Eagles pick. Is that too much for you, Bob?


“Poby keep at it maybe Kyle and King can help you out 

Thanks, Bob. I will keep at it. I’ll take the help from Kyle and King because we are a team. Maybe you should work on being a spectator – because you clearly suck at it.


You mess with the bull, you get the horns. Ball is in your court, Bobby.

P.S. Here is a highlight video of Haason Reddick. Your should watch it. Or are you going to complain that I should post a video of all of his highlights with the Arizona Cardinals?